About me

I'm a garden-variety coder, who's been working professionally since the days when you get help for coding problems by firing up your 400-baud modem and posting a question on a CompuServe forum.

These days I'm doing web and mobile app development with Infinite Red, and I'm primarily focussed on creating Android apps with RubyMotion (with a little Rails work thrown in for good measure).

Like so many coders, I'm also a musician. I've recorded a couple of albums as a jazz pianist, perfom regularly around my home base in Sonoma County, California, and I take part in the annual exercise of self-torture known as Song-A-Day.

For those that care about geeky details: this site was built with Middleman using Personal Site Template and Zurb Foundation. Many, many huge thanks to the maintainers and contributors of these projects for making these fantastic tools available.

The lab-coat avatar was created by Gant Laborde.